People come to Tryb4uFly to see for themselves how they will manage their flight or to decide if flying is an option for them. 

Maureen and Roy

Maureen, who has Multiple Sclerosis, and her husband Roy came for assessment shortly before a three week holiday to Florida, Roy says he felt "worried" about the flight before they came for assessment despite their considerable experience travelling by air. 

They arrived anxious and somewhat desperate to know how Maureen would transfer once in the aircraft – and were relying on Tryb4uFly to get on the plane.

Tryb4ufly’s occupational therapist demonstrated the on board wheelchair before they tried it.  They were relieved to find a solution that worked. Roy said coming for assessment "eased my mind a lot". 


Peter had an accident in 1994 which left him paralysed from the shoulders down.  His height and spasticity make it difficult for him to be moved manually when travelling. Peter would particularly like to visit Thailand but he has not flown since his injury.

Peter came for assessment at Tryb4uFly and although "a little discouraged" he wished he had discovered Tryb4uFly earlier.  He recognises that flying is "probably not impossible" but that it will involve significant logistical planning with regard to "having a sufficient number of people to assist in any manual lifting and moving whilst embarking and disembarking an aircraft."  He intends to practice lifting and handling manually at home with the Promove sling and would like to return to Tryb4uFly in due course when he has gained more experience and increased his confidence.  All in all Peter was "very happy" with the assessment.

Peter recognises that he is particularly cautious regarding commercial flying after hearing many "horror stories" from people with disabilities whose experiences have not been positive.  He is equally aware though that, people with not dissimilar injuries to himself, have and continue to travel successfully.  ​"… the visit to Tryb4uFly did clarify those aspects which would make it difficult for me to be able to make a long journey by airplane."

“I really wish we had known about this service sooner as we thought flying was not a possibility for our son.”