There is a small range of equipment that you can be used on the aircraft to provide additional support.

It is very important NOT to assume that equipment can automatically be used with your airline. Always check with your airline well in advance of your flight and at least 48 hours before you travel.  This is because each airline will has its own set of rules regarding what can and can not be used on board their particular aircraft, and will train staff on their use.  Airlines that are registered in different countries may also have different regulations.

Each operator is different. Some airlines provide the equipment listed above, and others will allow you to bring certain types on board.  Contact us at Tryb4ufly for specific help.

MERU TravelChair

The MERU TravelChair provides disabled children with a broad range of physical support when travelling in an aircraft.  It folds up to the size of a small suitcase and opens up to provide head, shoulder, waist, hip and leg support.

It is approved for use on aircraft by EASA, and there are specific locations on aircraft where it can and can not be used.  Similar to the Cares Harness it may only be used where these is no passenger sat directly behind, for example with the bulkhead wall directly behind.

Some airlines have their own fleet of TravelChairs provided free of charge.  The old version is still in use with some UK registered airlines. There is a size and weight restriction. The training video is available here.

As with any additional support it is essential to check with your airline in advance, particularly with non-European registered airlines. It is only for aircraft use, NOT for vehicular.  Virgin Atlantic, Monarch and Logan Air have a fleet of TravelChairs.  Many airlines allow their use on board,

Burnett Body Support

The Burnett Body Support is like a cushion which can be easily moulded and then set into the shape that you want, using a vacuum pump. It comes in a range of sizes and different covers. There are also supports for the head and neck to make travelling more comfortable

Some airlines provide the Burnett Body Support free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

Stabilo Cushions

The Stabilo Cushion is similar to the Burnet Body Support and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  The cushion can be instantly re-shaped on demand to relieve sensitive areas or modelled so that it supports the user’s body as required.  The ‘Comfortable’, ‘Comfortable Plus’ and ‘Comfortable Plus Duo’ are popular for use in aircraft seat. 

Crelling Harness Model no.27

The two Crelling Harness models are 27I (Infant to 5 years) 27A (5 to 8 years) and 27B (9 years to adult), and those with a steel safety buckle for those with challenging behaviour, 27ISB (Infant to 5 years) 27ASB (5 to 8 years) and 27BSB (9 years to adult)  Crelling produce ‘Model 27’ harnesses which are suitable for aircraft use. 

There are 3 sizes available.  Those with a suffix ‘SB’ have a safety buckle which is tamper proof and suitable for people with challenging behaviours. A video is available to view.

It is essential that the passenger check with their airline before they fly.  Some operators restrict the locations that it may be used on board the aircraft.

The Crelling harness is a popular choice with people that need upper body support. It must always be used in conjunction with the aircraft safety seat belt.  Some airlines provide the Crelling harness but can not always guarantee their availability. It is always advisable to check with your airline before you fly.

The Cares harness

The Cares harness is a lightweight product which provides additional support for children when flying weighing between 22 and 44lbs (10 and 20kg)  It can be used by disabled children.  A training video is available on the home page.  It is quick to install and lightweight.

If the occupant’s weight is over 44 pounds (20kg) there are some important considerations. It can only be used in aircraft seats where the bulkhead is directly behind.  Also if using on board an American registered airline there is an ‘exemption’ process which you need to apply from the FAA.  This takes approx 6 – 8 weeks.

A version called ‘Special Cares Airplane Safety Harness’ is available for children and adults over 5 feet tall.  The same restrictions apply.

Wedge cushions

Wedge cushions can be a used to help modify the seat angle of the aircraft seat.  By using the cushion with the thick end of the wedge in the corner of the aircraft seat means that the angle of your seating is slightly increased.  Bringing your own cushion on board is generally acceptable however please check with your airline before you travel.

Elastic straps

Universal elastic strap. Some passengers require additional body support around the waist.  Many aircraft seat are ‘snug’ so having a moderate amount of upper body support is all that’s required. Please check with your airline if you wish to use these as they can have an effect on the passenger seated behind, meaning that your seat location may need consideration.

Microbead cushions  

For passengers that require a small degree of extra support or comfort there are many affordable and readily available small cushions that can be used and brought on board. Some cushions are bright and colourful and have a character theme which may be helpful for some young children. You can find these here

Car seats

Always check with your airline before you fly if you want to bring use your child’s car seat in the cabin.  Surprisingly, airlines have different approaches regarding their carriage, with some accepting particular car seats and others refusing car seats completely.