If you require medication or liquid dietary foods on your journey you’ll need to check with your airline before you fly and declare it at security.  It’s likely you will need a letter from your doctor if it is over 100ml and you plan to carry it in your hand luggage.  You’ll also need to carry the medication separately and declare it at security.  A list of controlled medicines is available.

If you are not able to fit all of your essential medicines into your hand luggage you may still be allowed to carry these in your hold baggage. Contact the airline to make sure they know you will be carrying medical supplies and equipment and check if they have any additional requirements.  You’ll need a letter from your doctor explaining what they’re for if you need to carry medicines and medical equipment such as needles or syringes.. Check medication rules in your destination country.  Some countries don’t allow certain medication to be brought in. Check any restrictions with the country’s embassy or high commission.