On arrival at the airport proceed to your airline’s check in desk. It can be helpful and reassuring  to have copies of any agreements/emails about the equipment you will be bringing on board.  If you use a wheelchair you will be given a luggage tag to attach to your wheelchair.  This is so that when it is transferred into the hold there is accurate information. Take a look at the airports on line guides that you are travelling from and too so that you know the location of services and facilities that are important to you,  for example London Heathrow Airport airport guide.   

In most circumstances passengers remain in their own wheelchair until actually boarding the aircraft.  Very occasionally this may not be possible.  Aircraft storage or hold restrictions may require your wheelchair and seating system to be dismantled prior to loading.  Some experienced travellers tell us they take their own lap-belt to provide additional support if transferring to an airport wheelchair at check in.

If you are bringing any additional seating equipment with you for the flight it is advisable to bring copies of any correspondence you have regarding the special assistance you have booked.  Keep these documents for your return journey.