Bringing your own or specialist seating system can be problematic.  Seating supports can affect the dynamics of aircraft seats and obstruct crew from ensuring passenger’s safety. It may also not fit.  For these reasons operators generally say ‘no’ except in rare circumstances.  However check at booking.  Customers who wish to bring seating or support equipment are responsible for checking that it may be used on their flight. Whilst most UK registered airlines allow some devices on board, we strongly recommend you inform your airline at the earliest opportunity and at least 48 hours in advance.   Always discuss with the operator.   You are welcome to bring your seat support to a Tryb4uFly assessment to try out, so that you can clarify it’s use with your airline.  

This is important because some equipment has restrictions on where it can be used on particular aircraft which impacts your seat location. We recommend bringing written confirmation of this when you travel. This can help when you meet different staff at the airport and airline.