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  • Training for aviation travel industry
  • A place to trial new products
  • Supporting operators
  • Feedback for Regulators

Training for aviation travel industry

We provide training support for professionals working in the aviation and disability sectors.

Professionals with both an aviation or disability support background visit our centres to develop their understanding of how having a disability affects flying. We draw this experience together through a pragmatic training course which breaks down the whole journey for a disabled passenger and the opportunities for improving customer experience.

Our disability awareness course  is specifically designed for the aviation travel industry to help support professionals understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise when flying with a disability.

A place to trial new products

Tryb4uFly brings professionals together to develop new equipment solutions for disabled people, ground handling teams and crew to use. Manufactures of mobility and support equipment trial their equipment in the cabin environment, which supports their understanding of the nuances of the cabin environment

Supporting operators

We know how important it is for operators to provide a first class customer service.  Meeting disabled customer’s needs  has economic benefits and can have a positive consequence in other areas of service delivery.

Referring passengers to Tryb4uFly benefits both passenger and operator.  A passenger who is familiar with the equipment and their travelling partner is trained to use reduces pressures on busy cabin crew on boarding. It also helps set has realistic expectations about their journey reducing the likelihood of costly delays at take off.

Training courses can be tailor made.

Feedback for Regulators

We are passionate about supporting disabled people achieve their goals in an inclusive society.  With aviation being a truly international form of transport we comment on proposed changes to support disabled people to fly.

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